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2016 CBA Marucci Development Series – CBA PUMAS

2016 CBA Marucci Development Series

Good Evening CBA Pumas,

I want to take a moment to explain what happened with the Dual Super NIT in March and what the plan is moving forward.

Unfortunately, none of our teams made it into the Arizona Dual Super NIT, the competitor to that tournament that weekend, Triple Crown, more than doubled their tournament fee and it caused the NIT to sell out MUCH faster than it has in years past. This is something that we did not know about until it was too late; next year we will be prepared for that and we will be signed up well in advance.

The saying “Things happen for a reason.” actually applies here and we are thrilled about what we will be doing as an organization that weekend instead.

We will be attending the 2016 CBA Marucci Development Series in Southern California March 19-21st! This is going to be a program wide event that will bring together 30+ CBA teams from the West Coast ages 7u-14u for a showcase type event that will give our players and teams the chance to show the CBA big guys; Jon Paino, Josh Glassey, Joe Spiers, Tim McCullom and Jay Matos what they have and what they can do!

This will also give us the opportunity to meet our fellow CBA family members and bring the program together for a fun, competitive weekend.

Marucci will also be in attendance, they want to come out from Louisiana and meet the amazing players and parents that they sponsor.

Some of the other positives are 1. It will cost less per team, fee will be announced soon. 2. This event will be Saturday, Sunday and Monday so the kids won’t have to miss school that Friday like they would have had to for Arizona. 3. Spring Break starts that Monday so it’s also a nice opportunity to possibly make plans to spend some time in SoCal after the event. Who doesn’t want to spend Spring Break in Southern Cali?! Lol

All of the details will be posted by CBA in the next week or so.

If you would like to begin making hotel arrangements, which I would recommend teams do ASAP because of Spring Break, booking anywhere in the Temecula or Murrieta areas would be safe bets. Temecula Valley Wine Country, Pechanga Resort & Casino and Old Town Temecula are particular areas that were recommended that you may want to look into. We encourage teams to stay together in the same hotel, it helps build team unity, the kids have a blast together and it really adds to the fun of the weekend!

Saturdays events will not begin until Noon so you are welcome to check-in on Friday night and be ready to go for Saturday or for those who want to keep their budgets down you are welcome to drive in early Saturday morning instead and save one nights hotel stay. Check-out will need to be no earlier than the 21st.

As with any time we are scheduled to travel to an event, DO NOT book a non-refundable hotel or a hotel with a ridiculous cancellation policy! You never know what may change or what events may arise in life and you don’t want to be on the hook for a hotel room you didn’t get a chance to stay in.

We are very excited about this awesome weekend that we will have as a program and we look forward to traveling as a great big CBA Puma Family!

Let us know if you have any questions.


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